Friday, May 27, 2005

I wish I were in Dixie!

We are heading out of town tomorrow for Southern Utah, and Northern Arizona. It's going to be hot down there (temperatures in the 100's). We would like to have gone down there earlier this Spring, before the temperatures got so high, but this was the first break in our schedule when we all could get away for a few days. We have been working really hard in the yard, and at work, and at school, and in church callings. It will be nice to get away for a few days.

I skipped lunch today so that I could get away from work a little early. I got the truck lubed and oiled, gassed and washed. I got a few other things to get ready for our trip, including an infrared keyboard for my PDA. That way I will still be able to do some writing at night in the motel rooms along the way.

When we travel, everyone else usually goes to bed before I do, and it seems like I do my best writing when I am away from home. Maybe it has something to do with being away from many of the normal responsibilities and distractions, and actually having some time to think about life, and my thoughts and feelings. I probably won't be able to post what I will write until we get back on Monday. However, I find that my writing is much more fresh, and rich with detail if I can write about things as they happen.

The next three nights we will be staying in motels. First night: St. George, Utah. Second Night: Page, Arizona. Third night, St. George, Utah again (but in a different motel). We plan on leaving as soon as we can in the morning. I plan on taking plenty of photos too. A good portion of our time will be spent visiting with the in-laws, and for the kids to play with their cousins. However, part of the trip will also be most pleasing to me, because we will be in my element -- Redrock Country!

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