Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

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We had a nice Halloween this year.

We began our celebration last night at our pumpkin carving party. One of Amy's friends, Taylor, invited us to come over to their house to carve pumpkins. We gathered up our pumpkins, a "pumpkin carving knife" (leftover from last year), and a big bowl to put the pumpkin guts into.

We had quite a crew of kids together, 7 in all! In all 6 pumpkins were carved: 3 larger ones, and 3 small ones. Everyone who wanted to get their hands into a pumpkin got their chance.

As for me, I helped carve, but I let the kids pull the slimy seeds out. Besides, I had to keep my hands clean to take pictures.

Tonight, I took off early from work, so that we could get everyone going sooner, and take full advantage of the change to standard time.

We lit the Jack O Lanterns, and I took a few photos of the kids and the pumpkins.

Both kids went as vampires this year. Amy was a little frustrated when I took the photos, so It was hard to get a good photo of her. (Amy is known for wearing her emotions on her sleeve!)

For the first time, we let Bryan go trick or treating largely on his own. We gave him mama's cell phone to take along with him, so we could keep track of him, or if he needed any help.

I went along with Amy. Occasionally we would bump into Bryan in our travels. Bryan wanted to be on his own, but Amy didn't want to be left behind. Bryan would finish collecting his candy at one house, and then sprint to the next one, hoping to leave Amy behind in the dust. Amy would follow after him, and catch up while they were waiting for the next homeowner to come to the door.

Bryan just couldn't shake her, and he was getting frustrated. After I realized what was happening, I told Bryan that it was rude to try to ditch your sister. Wait until we get out of this cul-de-sac, and then you can go one way, and we'll go another way. Then you can be on your own again.

I stayed with Amy the whole time she was out. I decided to let her decide when she wanted to call it quits -- knowing that she would eventually poop out. I wouldn't dare try that with Bryan. Heck, we'd be trick or treating until dawn if it were up to Bryan.

Eventually Amy decided to call it quits. I walked her home, and then started downloading and editing photos.

After awhile, I called Bryan on the cell phone to see how he was doing. He was just about done. I took Bryan back to a couple of more places in the car that he wanted to visit, then we called it a night.

I think everyone had a good time. The weather was cool, but calm and nice.

Last year, the kids didn't get to go trick or treating at all. We were traveling home from our vacation on Halloween last year. We had made a brief visit to Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado. We spent trick or treating time somewhere between Gunnison and Grand Junction, Colorado. So, I dare say the kids had more fun for Halloween this year than last.

This photo is of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, near Gunnison, Colorado. This is where we spent Halloween Last year. As you can see, not too many houses to visit in the area.! (Click on the Photo for a larger image.)

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Lisa M. said...

Sounds like a really neat time! We have had pumpkins decorating the house this year, but we didn't ever get to actually carving them!

They look great! So do the Halloween Costume, pictures!

I love holiday celebrations. Don't they keep us busy and having fun~?

Thanks for the post!