Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blue Man Group

We were watching our local PBS Station tonight (KBYU) and found ourselves watching a pledge-week special on a musical group called Blue Man Group. It's more than a musical group though. A lot of thought has gone into their production. They are very engaging, and provide sights, sounds, and images that you have never seen before. There was a lot of comedy in their act as well. It looked like a really fun show. Many of the instruments they play they have invented themselves out of PVC pipes.

Here is a description of the PBS Show that we watched tonight:
PBS television stations in Los Angeles and New York are playing host to co-founders Matt Goldman and Chris Wink on Sunday, August 6th and Monday, August 7th. They will appear during a 1 1/2 hour segment that features a documentary-style piece called Inside the Tube, which consists of dazzling performance segments from their live shows and an intimate look inside their fascinating creative process and history. Goldman and Wink will be discussing Inside the Tube as well as the whole Blue Man Group project live on the air from 8:00- 9:30 pm PST on Sunday August 6th. Inside the Tube has been airing on various PBS stations nationwide as part of their pledge drive programming and will be airing on more stations throughout the year.
At the pledge break, we learned that for a mere $600 donation, you can get tickets to their performance here at the Delta Center, along with back-stage passes to meet the group after the show.

Well, that's a little stiff for our budget, but we were still intrigued by the group, and how much fun it would be to go to the concert. I couldn't help but think what a fun date that would have been (I was thinking of my 20-something self when I was on the dating scene.) But then I thought --
No! Wait! I'm NOT too old to have fun! I It would be a blast to take my honey and go to this show. It's still a little pricey for us ($50 a ticket.) The concert is on October 30th, and its around the time of our wedding anniversary, maybe I can swing it as an anniversary present to ourselves -- yeah, that's the ticket!

If you are like me, and had never heard of these guys before, check out their web site. You can also play some of their videos here. Yeah, they're kind of quirky and oddball -- but then, who isn't?

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s'mee said...

We have known about Blue Man Group for quite some time now, however, finances being what they are have yet to see them in concert. A very unique and talented group of guys.

#5 has a friend who actually auditioned for the group as a part of their touring group. Quite the rigorous audition! He is currently on a call back status and has been told to keep up his skills.

Someday, we hope David (haha, yes that's his name!) gets the call and joins, it would be a terrifically fun career.