Sunday, August 26, 2007

DCIS - In Two Places

This week, my dear wife was diagnosed with DCIS or Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. This is a non-invasive form of breast cancer.

The good news is that this form of cancer is virtually 100% curable.

The bad news is that because the DCIS is in two places on the same breast, and quite a distance apart from one another -- treatment will require a mastectomy. At this point it does not look like chemotherapy, or radiation treatment will be necessary.

This is not a battle that we have chosen. However, it is now a reality in our lives, and will forever affect our and family.

I am 100% behind my wife in this. I will support her in any way I can to help her through this time of great challenge and need.

We do not know why this challenge is ours, but we place ourselves in God's hands, and will trust in his plan for us.

I have decided to start a new breast cancer blog, called: DCIS Husband.

Just in the few days that I have been involved in the breast cancer world, I have found minimal resources for husbands of breast cancer patients. In my own small way, I hope to perhaps be of benefit for other husbands who have and will go through this same experience.

It will also give me an emotional outlet as we journey through this experience together.


T. F. Stern said...

Some challenges sure make the edges of our character sore; you both will strengthen each other.

Tigersue said...

Oh, i am so sorry to hear about this. Yet grateful that it is not worse.

Anonymous said...

Couple weeks ago, I was diagnosed DCIS non-invasive exactly the same as your wife. I'm 43 yrs old and two spots in distance apart in my right breast. My doctor recommended me to have a mastectomy or a double mastectomy. Did your wife made the decision to go for one or both to be removed? I'm going to see a doctor for 2nd opinion.