Friday, September 21, 2007

Udate on CPAP Therapy

In my previous post, I described my experience while undergoing a sleep study.

I now use my CPAP machine religiously. It has really been a benefit to me -- a blessing even.

Here is the CPAP machine that I use. And here is the mask that I use.

The sleep study took place on April 10th of this year. I started on the CPAP machine on May 1st. After a few weeks of CPAP therapy, I noticed that I was sleeping through the night. Not waking up several times each night.

The quality of sleep I get now is much better. I have more energy, I am less sleepy during the daytime. I don't feel so tired and run-down all the time.

I also can concentrate better. I work as a computer programmer, and I would often find it difficult to concentrate, and wrap my mind around difficult tasks. Now I can grasp complicated concepts much better. I actually feel like doing things more proactively, instead of waiting things to come to me alone.

I was really worried about the noise of a CPAP machine -- and if my wife would kick me out of our bedroom to the basement. However the machine I use is quite quiet. I would highly recommend it. This is the machine that I use. And this is the Mask that I use.

I had hoped that the CPAP therapy would help with my edema (swelling in the feet, ankles and shins), but it hasn't made much difference in that area. I continue to take those evil water pills (lasix). However there are times (such as during travel) that I can't just hang out near a restroom for a few hours at a time. So on those days, I don't take the lasix. (Don't get any ideas, Larry Craig, if you're reading this! And no tappy-toes Senator jokes here, please!)

Anyhow, I feel that the CPAP therapy has been a great help in my life. I feel better now than I have for several years.

If you think you might have sleep apnea. See your doctor. It will help you feel better, and the Therapy might even save your life one-day!


T. F. Stern said...

Nice that you can sleep better and breath too, wow, what a bonus. Glad to hear it worked out for you.

Lisa M. said...

I have really seen the amazing results from CPAP. My Son used it for a while in the hospital, and then we came home with oxygen.

I am so glad, it is working for you and that you were able to get a quite model.

I am so sorry about the lasix, they are not the nicest pills to have to take.

The CPAP might help with the edema over time. I wish you luck!

Tigersue said...

I can see I have missed a few posts. Usually I manage to find them as soon as you post. I'm sorry about that. You have some beautifully written posts, and the one about your temple experience has brought tears to my eyes. I have been think about you and wishing you the best.

T. F. Stern said...

I heard a spot on the radio the other day which indicated that there is a method to obtain the same results without having to sleep with a mask. It might be worth some investigation on your part. Hope all is well, not having read anything new for a while.

BobG said...

I've had to use a CPAP for a couple of years now, since having a heart attack. I also have to use an oxygen concentrator, since my oxygen levels were low; the concentrator is quite noisy.

Anonymous said...

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Keep said...

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Pepper said...

Strange but I developed swelling all over after using c-pap. Mostly ankles, feet ,legs, and stomache. I stopped using the machine 3 nights ago and swelling is going down. Help! No one knows what is wrong.


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