Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fare Thee Well, My Father

My father has been struggling with Alzheimer's Disease for the past several years. My mother has been the primary caregiver.

Unfortunately, the time has come when we have found it necessary to place my father in a care center.

The father that I have known and loved all my life has been slowly slipping away over time. Now, he no longer knows my name. He knows I am someone familiar. But he doesn't know I am his son. To him, I am a good and trusted friend, named Leon. We're not quite sure who Leon is (or was). However, if I am considered someone he he trusts and respects, then I'll take that.

I have started a new blog to chronicle my father's struggles with Alzheimer's Disease, and how it impacts our family.

The blog is called , "Fare Thee Well, My Father". You are welcome to take a look over there.

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