Sunday, March 13, 2005

Light Blogging Last Week

My blogging was rather light, this past week. I have been fighting the flu all week. I even stayed home from work on Friday to get some extra rest. I also had to prepare for a Priesthood lesson that I have today as part of a Ward Conference. I spoke on the role of a Patriarch in the home. You can read my lesson notes over on the Gospel Study Page.

I also have to speak the next two weeks as well. Next Sunday will be my regular High Council talk for March, and the following Sunday (Easter Sunday) I will be giving the lesson at the Youth Correctional Facility -- which I will have to give 3-4 times on that day. Much of my evening time will be spent in preparation for these presentations which I will have to give, so blogging might be light for the next little bit, until I get them completed.

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