Thursday, March 03, 2005

Santa Clara River Flood Update - from BYU

Today, the BYU on-line newspaper published a story about the Green Valley 3rd ward, which lost 22 homes in (8 condemed, and 14 washed away). The article relates many stories of their ward members, and the growth that has happened to them as a result. You can read the article here.

Road to Nowhere

This photo shows couple walking their dog on what used to be Santa Clara Dr., which was destroyed in the January flooding.

Also, the BYU Newsnet ran an article last Monday on President Hinkley's visit to the Saints in the flood ravaged area. You can read that article here.

My understanding is that the fund raising efforts for the victims have been moving a long quite nicely, thus far. We made a donation to the flood relief charity, and received the Book and DVD chronicling the events of the flood week in January 2005. I haven't had a chance to do more that look at the picutures in the book yet. I hope to watch the DVD tonight. Contributions can be made at the relief charity's web site here.

In other news, the Small Business Administration (SBA) today has ruled that flood vicitims can receive low-interest loans for all residents and businesses who suffered damage or losses due to the floods. They will be setting up shop in the 5 County Association of Governments building the coming Monday in St. George. Previously Washington and Kane counties in Utah did not qualify for SBA loans due to flood damage. However, the neighboring county across the state line into Arizona did qualify for SBA loans, and since the two counties in Utah are adjacent to the Arizona county, now they too, qualify for SBA assistance.

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