Sunday, April 03, 2005

Catching Up

Posting has been light that last couple of weeks. I had three weeks in a row where I had to prepare talks or lessons. I find that on weeks that I have a talk coming up, that most of my free time gets taken up in talk preparation.

The week has been busy nonetheless. On Tuesday Jeannette closed on her house. Its officially hers now. She has been working on customizing some things (mostly painting). The house comes with basic white paint throughout. Her home has three bedrooms. Her master bedroom is now lavender color, with a rich purple accent wall. Her guest room is a spring green color. The sewing room is a medium turquoise color. She had grey carpet installed throughout, so the carpet will go with pretty much any color she comes up with. For now, the other walls will remain in their original white. (I will post some photos of the rooms with their new colors as soon as possible (flickr has been down today).

Master Bedroom

Mark has helped Jeannette a great deal with low-voltage wiring, painting and other customizations. Bryan and I went over yesterday for a few hours to help with paint preparation projects too. We worked on getting the garage ready to be painted (primed). Bryan put mud on most of the screw holes in the garage sheet rock.

Mom and dad came up to bring us some lunch. We had some of mom's famous BBQ Beef, along with some of her patented macaroni salad with sweet pickles, and cubed cheese.

Guest Room

After lunch though, Bryan heard the call of mud of a different color. He noticed a rather large rain/mud puddle in the yard next to Jeannette's house. The putddle was about 30 feet around, and probably was a good 6 inches deep in the center. He wanted to learn how to skip stones. After lunch, I told him to find some flat stones, and showed him how to hold them in his hand. Then I told him how to throw them, side-armed fashion, with a low trajectory, while spinning the stone off your index finger as you release the stone. This gives you the greatest chance to achieve skipping action. Bryan practiced his skipping technique (while naturally getting quite muddy in the clay soil). By the time we were ready to leave, Bryan had to show me how he was doing. He was able to get some stones to skip 6-7 times. Not too bad at all! Of course, he insisted that I show him my technique in practice, rather than just in theory as earlier. So I threw a few my self (I don't know why, but somehow I was able to leave the area without being caked in mud. Hmm... maybe Bryan just has a magnetic attraction to mud! How else to exlain how all that mud that just seems to cling to him?)

When the soil dries out enough, the contractor will come back and finish the landscaping (which includes sprinklers and lawn in the front yard.

Saturday evening, Bryan, Myself, and Grandpa Joel all went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference over at our Stake Center. It was fun to have 3 generations together. One of our old ward members, Brother Ron Howell, now lives in my stake (10th ward). He came over to chat with dad for a couple of minutes. Dad was glad to see him.

Bryan made an extra effort to pay attention in the Priesthood session, and he did remarkably well. I think it was helpful that many of the talks were aimed directly at the Young Men.

During the closing song, I made a comment to dad, that I was surrounded by 2 Joels. (Dad’s first name, and Bryan’s middle name). That also brought a smile to dad’s face. He was chuckling to himself about 2 Joels all the way home.

We enjoyed listening to conference together. We got to hear all of the sessions (even if some of them were on my headset radio on Saturday, as I was working on Jeannette’s house. The most memorable talk for Bryan was one heard in Priesthood session which had the theme: “Beware of the evil behind the smiling eyes”, which was largely about discerning good from evil, and learning to steer clear of evil and unclean things.

Overall, it’s been a busy, but good weekend.

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