Friday, September 16, 2005

Changes -- And Vacation Too!

I received word last night at a church council meeting, that some of my church assignments will be changing. It will take some adjusting on my part to get used to. I have expressed more of my thoughts and feelings regarding these changes on my Gospel Study Blog if you would like to read more about it there.

I am taking Friday (today) off work to get ready for our vacation. We will be flying to Los Angeles on Saturday. We will be spending three days in Oceanside, and Three days in Anaheim.

We will be attending church in Oceanside. We found a cool little meetinghouse locator on the church's website, which is a great tool for when you are traveling or moving (or just deciding its time to go back to church again - for that matter!) You just type in the address of where you are staying, and it gives you a map and turn-by-turn directions to the nearest meetinghouse, along with the times that church services are held at that location.

We also hope to stop by the San Diego Temple, and the recently dedicated Newport Beach Temple during our stay.

We look forward to spending some time on the beach -- just listening to the waves roll in, feeling the wet sand between your toes. Watching the sunset over the ocean. The kids will have fun with their first salt-water experience, making sandcastles on the beach, and collecting sea shells. Maybe we'll even find some tide pools to check out as well.

We will visit some amusement parks (Legoland, and Disney) as well as spending some time in San Diego. We plan to visit Old Town in San Diego, and visit the Mormon Battalion visitor center there. Both my wife and I have ancestors who were part of the Mormon Battalion. We also intend to take a harbor tour, and visit the aircraft carrier (now museum) USS Midway. I hear Balboa Park, in San Diego is nice too, if we have time to go there. We may not make it to everyplace we've planned, and we don't intend to take on so many events that we will be constantly going from one place to another. After all, this is VACATION! And we need to have some time to relax as well. Ideally, we'll keep the pace fast enough to prevent boredom from setting in(Amy's Preference - Bryan is NEVER bored), but slow enough to take time and enjoy ourselves along the way (Mama's Preference). My preference is just to keep everybody happy (and try to take some nice photos along the way).

Idealistic? You know it! -- but that's my plan -- and I'm sticking to it!

P.S. - We'll be out of Internet contact for most, if not all of next week. I don't want to take our laptop with us (don't want to bounce it around, and don't want to have to leave it behind in the rental car or hotel rooms. The laptop is an integral part of our homeschooling program, and I don't want to take any chances with it.

However, I'll still be blogging anyhow :) Although I most likely won't be able to post. I will have my trusty palm pilot with me, with a keyboard. I will try to write about our activities from each day on the palm pilot. When we get back, I'll post them here.

In the mean time -- we'll say "Hi" to Mickey for you!


Woody said...

Oy. Thanks, but Mickey is my backyard. Him I can see any ol' day.

Welcome to Orange County, for however brief a visit. Hope you and the fam have a wonderful time. We all need vacations like that.

UtahDave said...

Yes, have a wonderful time!
Safe travels, Dave