Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mobsters and Mormons

Tonight we went as a family to a new movie called Mobsters and Mormons. I'm not sure how wide the distribution of this film is. It is in 5 theaters in the Salt Lake City area right now, and just opened up this weekend.

The movie is a classic "Fish out of Water" tale of a low-level mobster who testifies against his old mob boss, and enters the witness protection program. The mobster family, now called the Cheesman's, is moved from an Italian New Jersey neighborhood, to a Mormon majority neighborhood in Orem, Utah. The clash of cultures provides for several comic situations. We found ourselves laughing out loud a number of times. It was good, clean family fun.

The most similar movie that I can remember is the 1990 film, My Blue Heaven, which starred Steve Martin and Rick Moranis. There are a lot of similarities between the two films, with the obvious difference that Mobsters and Mormons features the LDS culture.

This movie is produced by Halestorm Entertainment, which brought us several other movies in the LDS genre including: "The Singles Ward", "The Home Teachers", "The Best Two Years", and "The RM". My favorite Halestorm movie is still "The Best Two Years", which chronicles the lighter side of being an LDS Missionary.

If you are LDS, and looking for a nice family film with a few good laughs, I would recommend this film. Non-LDS people would probably enjoy the film as well, but might not get all the inside LDS jokes. I don't know how wide a distribution this film will have. Typically with LDS genra films, they will be released in Utah first. If it does well here, then it will go to other LDS markets (Idaho, Arizona, and some parts of California). If it doesn't come to your area, I would look for it when it comes out on DVD.

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