Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Blessings

Sunday I went to church for the first time since leaving the hospital. I was worried about having tubes and drain bags hanging out all over the place. However, we discovered that I have lost enough weight that the dress slacks I usually wear to church, could now fit all the tubes and drain bags inside, with plenty of room to spare. Those pants were really baggy (Kind of like ankle-length “Hammer Pants”)

I still had an IV going when church started. When an IV is done, you have to flush the line with a saline solution, and then inject an anti-coagulant call Heprin. I kept a couple of syringes pre-loaded with these solutions in my pocket, and when the IV was done, we just quietly took care of business, and disconnected the IV. It worked out OK.

It was wonderful to be with the saints and partake of the sacrament. The last time I partook of the sacrament was in the hospital. It was really nice to see my ward friends and acquaintances. I touched base with some friends and priesthood leaders. Being Easter Sunday the Stake President was in attendance (he lives in our ward). I visited with him for a few minutes, and let him know what my status was. It was great to get out and see some friendly faces.

The music was wonderful too. The ward choir sang a couple of numbers, including “Joy In the Morning” by Natalie Sleeth. Natalie Sleeth songs always really get to me, and this was no exception.

All week long, Amy was wondering what are we going to do for Easter? Are we going to get any Easter Candy? (She knows from whence Easter candy comes.) We didn’t get too excited over the candy and egg thing this year, hoping to focus more on the Savior instead. (We did get a few little goodies to share, but not full-blown Easter baskets or anything else.)

As Amy was walking home from church, she encountered some very strong and gusty winds. She was wondering if the winds were an indication of Heavenly Father’s displeasure with children who were focusing more on Easter gifts and candies, rather than on Jesus. Amy then decided to say a prayer, and gave thanks for sending the Savior, and that she wanted to think more of him on this Easter day. After her prayer, she said she felt a calm around her. The wind didn’t seem to bother her anymore. She had a warm feeling inside. She didn’t notice the wind again, until she got back home and had to close the front door with the wind blowing against it. Then she exclaimed to herself, “Boy, Its windy out there!”

Amy recognized that she had received a special experience. We helped her to understand that it was a manifestation of the Holy Ghost, and was a witness to her that Jesus really is our Savior.

I think Amy got the best Easter Gift of all!


Maren said...

What a wonderful experience for Amy. Thank you for sharing.

Mary A said...

Sounds like Amy is growing up and understanding some important things! It's great that she thought of prayer.