Monday, April 10, 2006

They're Still Here -- And So Am I

We had another "tube" check today. I was hoping that one or both of the drain tubes could be removed today. The drainage had really slowed down, which gave me cause for hope. My pain had virtually disappeared. All good signs.

However, the truth comes out in the X-ray lab. I was placed on a table, and Dr. K., a radiologist, scanned me with a fluoroscopic X-ray. This type of x-ray allows "live" moving images of your internal organs. Upon the initial examination it became apparent that the abscess cavities have completely disappeared, which is a good thing.

Next they injected the dye into the tubes. Under the fluoroscope, both the bowel and liver tubes showed traces of the dye trailing back into the bowel and the liver. That means that the tubes have to stay in for at least another week.

I was really disappointed. I had such high hopes to be tube-free, but alas, the time is not yet.

I have another tube check scheduled for next week.

The problem the tubes present is that it prevents me from doing several things.

I can't wear "real" clothes. I have to wear specially modified, oversized clothes (pajama's, mostly). That makes it really hard to go to work or church or anywhere else.

I have to sleep in a recliner chair, because the tubes are unmanageable in bed. It's getting a little old now.

On the bright side, I feel pretty good. I have very little pain, and my appetite is slowly coming back.

I now can say for myself why people are called "Patients" who are undergoing medical treatment.


Tigersue said...

I'm glad things are looking better, and I'm sorry you can't have those tubes out yet! Hang in there.

SalGal said...

I hope you have some happy pills to keep you happy until the tubes come out!

Mary A said...

Just think how much patience you're developing! I, too, am sorry you couldn't have the tubes out already, but maybe next week.... I'm glad the pain's pretty much gone. As Tigersue said, "Hang in there."

David B. said...

Thanks for your thoughtfulness. I'm just hanging in there from day to day. It's just hard not knowing exactly when things are going to happen, and exactly when I can get back to normal.

All I can do now is try to take care of myself, and have faith and patience.