Saturday, June 10, 2006

Marvelous Marvin!

It has been a busy week. At work, I spent most of the week with a consultant from IBM, named Marvin B. He and I go way back. He helped me set-up the computers for the 911 center where I used to work. That was back in 1989. He helped me through many tight situations ("hand-holding" is the technical term -- which is a figurative term only!) My nickname for Marv is "Marvelous Marvin"

Anyhow, Marv and I are good buddies, and its been a real pleasure to work with him again. I have worked with him on various projects throughout the years. When I changed jobs from the 911 center, to my current job, I stayed with the same type of computer system--and continued to have association with Marv from time to time.

Marv's job at IBM has changed several times over the years. Now he works as a consultant for IBM, and helps people get their systems set up and working properly. Time was, that when you bought a system from IBM, that "hand holding" was included in the purchase price of the machine. Now you have to pay extra, for a consultant (like Marv) to come in and help you get things set up. In the case of Marvin -- it's money well spent!

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