Monday, July 24, 2006

Moose On The Loose

Moose On The Loose
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We returned to the mountains today. This time with the whole family. It was fun to beat the heat in the valley, and smell the pine trees. We also surveyed some future camp site possibilities.

On our way up the canyon, Dawn Ann spotted this moose. It was about 100 yards away, and I zoomed in as tight as I could with my camera.

By the time we were done, other people noticed the moose too. We started a mini Yellowstone-style wildlife traffic jam.

My brother, Mark, gave me a GPS unit for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We kept Bryan entertained, by having him give us updates of our elevation as we climbed the canyon. The elevation at the summit, Guardsman Pass, was about 9,300 feet.

We drove over the mountain to Park City and had our picnic dinner at the city park. The kids had fun playing in the park as well.

We came home through Parley's canyon, and made it home before dark.

Later Bryan and I set up our lawn chairs on a sidewalk near our house, and watched everybody else's fireworks, in celebration of Pioneer Day. Ah-hemm. . . or should I say everybody else's illegal fireworks. Legal or not, we enjoyed watching them all.

We will go up to Wyoming later this summer, and shoot off a few fireworks ourselves -- In Wyoming -- where its legal. We have a nice little place we found in Wyoming where we can shoot off fireworks over a marshy area. That way any fireworks that hit the ground still sparking will land in the marsh water and be put out.


Maren said...

Wow. What a site that is. Amazing. Aren't cameras wonderful?

I do remember driving into Evanston once and seeing lots of fireworks for sale.

It sounds like you are getting out and doing some fun things.

s'mee said...

This reminds me of when hor and I were in Alaska. We were there with a couple hundred or so other business people. Everyday someone would begin the conversation about their wildlife sightings, a herd of moose near the airport, an elk crossing the parking lot of the hotel, the beluga pod in the sound.

Ten days we were there and not one sighting! Not one.

good reason to go back.

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Marti said...

Wow that is a neat picture! The trip sounds terrific - so glad you're doing well and can enjoy nature!

Best wishes to you!