Friday, July 28, 2006

Whole Grain News

How many times have you heard counsel from dieticians, and other nutrition advocates that we should eat our foods in as near natural form as possible? Foods that have been processed, milled, and bleached to death don't resemble the natural whole-grain goodness that nature intended. Fruits, vegetables, and grains consumed in as near to their natural state as possible provide the greatest benefit to our bodies.

The same could be said of our consumption of the news. By the time the Mainstream Media gets a hold of a story, strips it of its proper context, bleaches out anything that would be positive for Israel or the Bush Administration, and has been processed through their liberal spin cycle, you end up with a bleached-white-flour version of the news.

I prefer to get my news as close to the source as possible. I have been following the recent events in Israel and Lebanon quite closely, and have found some news sources from within Israel that I find quite interesting. Some of these sources are Israeli media outlets, and some are bloggers. I thought I would share with you some of the sources I have found, in case you, too, would like to get some whole-grain news:

Israeli News Outlets (In English):

Jerusalem Post

Israeli Bloggers:


Hugh Hewitt says this of Yoni:
Yoni's been a guest on my show for years, a veteran of 20+ years in the Israeli military, and a conservative, religious Jew. He has dual citizenship, and his family travels back and forth between Israel. He has many sources within the IDF and Border Police, talks incessantly with them, and prowls the Hebrew and English media to bring late breaking news from Israel.

Other Israeli Bloggers - NZ Bear has created a list of bloggers from Israel, also has a from all sides of the current conflict. There are three groups: Palestinian bloggers, Lebanese Bloggers, and Israeli bloggers. Then there is a section for other bloggers who are covering these events.

American Bloggers:

Hugh Hewitt
Captain's Quarters
Dennis Prager

For the latest news, I usually check the Drudge Report first. Yoni is great about disseminating the latest info. Then I like to check the Israeli news outlets. The bloggers are really good at analysis and adding perspective to the events of the day. I also recommend reading the editorial pages of the Israeli newspapers. It is interesting to see what the Israelis are thinking about and debating among themselves.


Maren said...

I like the analogy you used of processed food compared to the mass media. How true that is.

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You just made an excellent point.

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