Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Backyard Camping

One of the privileges of living in the Salt Lake Valley is having the Cottonwood Canyons so close by. From our house, in as little as 30-40 minutes, we can go from an asphalt and concrete metropolitan jungle to a cool, green, alpine forest -- complete with babbling brook. This year, we visited the canyons a couple of times for picnics, and had a really nice time. If you camp there, its almost like camping in your own back yard!

One of the things you appreciate the most in the canyons is the markedly cooler temperatures, especially during the heat of the summer. A temperature change of 20+ degrees is not unusual. A hot summer day in the 90's becomes a pleasant afternoon in the 70's in the canyons.

A few days ago, we spent 2 nights, and 3 days at the Spruces Campground, up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We liked being able to spend two nights camping. If you only do one night, it seems like you spend the first day setting up the tent and organizing camp, and then the next day your're taking it all down again, with hardly any time in-between to just relax and enjoy your surroundings.

We purchased a Springbar Tent a few years ago, but we haven't used it very much. We've decided to change that. We had cousins visit us from St. George. We used the tent for a backyard camp out. The kids had a great time playing/sleeping in the tent. We used the tent again for this camp out.

We brought some handicrafts with us -- some bead work, and leatherwork. The idea was to give the kids something to do so they wouldn't get bored. As it turned out, boredom wasn't really a problem. They got to do a lot of exploring together, and they had a great time.

Here you can see Bryan and Amy with necklaces that they made. Bryan's neclace is made with real buffalo teeth.

We also enjoyed playing our recorders around the campfire. At one point or another, each of us played together. I taught Amy how to play "I Think The World Is Glorious" on the recorder. We had to play it over and over again, until she finally got it right. From now on, I hope she remembers our time together, at the Spruces, whenever she hears or sings that song.

That's Me Playing the Recorder around the Campfire

We're not done camping yet this year. We have a trip to Moab planned during UEA weekend in October. My mom, dad, and brother will be joining us -- only they will have a motor home at their disposal.


Téa said...

What fun!!!
You're inspiring me to plan a camping weekend sooner than later =)

s'mee said...

sounds like a great way to make familiy memories!

Lisa M. said...

I really like camping. Moab, is a really neat place and so are the canyons. Since I am up north, we typically spend our time in Logan Canyon or even Sardine.

Since we had Ethan (our special needs 3 year old) Camping is a bit limited, but I went for two weeks in August, and I even survived.

*GRIN* He had a great time.

Arn't the leaves so beautiful now?