Thursday, September 28, 2006

Training In Chicago

I have been in Chicago the last few days. I am here for a seminar for work. We are learning how to do Internet programming.

I work for a municipal government. In the future I may be developing web applications for citizens to do business with the city online, such as renewing business licenses, obtaining building permits, paying utility bills, and so forth.

It has been a challenging class. There is a lot of information to absorb in a short amount of time. I have found that my mental "sponge" is not quite as absorbent as it was in my younger days. I am getting the information down, but my pace is a little slower than it was 25 years ago.

This was supposed to be a "beginning" class, however, it doesn't help one's self-confidence when there are a lot of "ringers" in the class -- those who have already been using the design tool for months or even years. They are taking the class to learn any tips or tricks that they may have missed in their self-learning process. I don't begrudge them being there, I might have done the same thing myself. However, It makes those of us who are true beginners look like we're a little slow on the uptake!

Also, I am not used to being the oldest one in the room! There were a few others who, like me, were "forthy-somthing's in the room". I noticed that we were a bit slower than the "thirty-somethings" in the class. Dang! It bites getting old!

Fortunately I will be able to study this material (at my own pace!) when I get back home. Hopefully I will be able to start developing some simple programs on my own in the next little while. I know if I go home and don't keep using the design tool, that I will get rusty in a hurry.

All in all, it was a good class, and I believe it will be worthwhile for the city.

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