Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Military Honors For Scott Lundell

The Military has their own way of honoring their fallen comrades. The Utah National Guard had their own memorial service for 2Lt Scott Lundell which was held in Afghanistan for those who had served with him there.

Governor John Huntsman (Governor of Utah) happened to be on a State Visit to Afghanistan shortly after Scott was killed. The Governor attended and spoke at the memorial service there with Lt Lundell's comrades in arms. You can read an account of the memorial service here.

Also, my sister, Jeannette, e-mailed me an essay written by Captain Paul Faletto, who escorted Lt. Lundell's body from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City to return his body to his family. It is a very touching and moving story. It is amazing how much honor and attention to detail the military attends to for the fallen among them.

Capt. Paul Faletto, who teaches Military Science at Weber State University. He also has commanded special forces groups in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Scott Lundell had previously served in a unit with Capt. Faletto.

Capt. Faletto's account is titled, "A Utah Warrior's Last Steps Home ". You can read it here.

Also, I have learned of a similar story of a Sailor who escorted one of his fallen comrades home to Longmont, Colorado.

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