Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mayflower Ancestors

Looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been doing some research to find any of my ancestors who were passengers on the Mayflower.

Until recently, I knew of only one Mayflower Ancestor, William Bradford. After doing a little more research, I have found a total of 7 Mayflower ancestors from my family thus far.

Below is a list of the Mayflower passengers that I am descended from. Alongside each name, is the years of their life-span, and their age at the time they sailed on the Mayflower

Bradford, William 1590 - 1657, Age 30

Brewster, William 1560 - 1644, Age 60
Brewster, Mary 1567 - 1627, Age 53
Brewster, Love 1595 - 1634, Age 25

Cooke, Francis 1584 -1663, Age 36

Hopkins, Stephen 1580 -1644, Age 40
Hopkins, Elizabeth (Fisher) 1595 -1640, Age 25

If you click on a link, associated with one of these names, you will be directed to a brief biographical sketch of each person.

I recently read that there are now at least 30 million living descendants of the original Mayflower passengers living in the United States Today.

For a complete Mayflower passenger list click here. Once you see the passenger list, you can click on any passenger's name for information about that individual.


Marti said...

Wow how cool!

Don't know much about my ancestors, glad you were able to find the information!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Tigersue said...

Thanks for coming by my Blog and leaving your comments! It is nice to find someone that has much the same interests, and enjoys some of the same things. I saw on your profile that you have Chiam Potok listed as one of your favorite authors... He is one of mine too. I think "The Chosen" is one of my all time favorite books.
I look forward to having more time to check out your blogs they all seem very interesting.

Carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I really enjoyed your post on gratitude. I was thinking as I read it that if I ever had to give a talk on the same subject I would paraphrase it, quote from it or maybe even steal it. Muaaahhha ha ha!
Then I wondered when I would here these words from the pulput, "I'd like to share part of a blog I read this week." Have you heard that yet?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. I will have to come back soon. Oh, and thanks for the referral:) I am about to go and ck up on her blog. It's good to find someone in the same boat (no pun:) as me.

Kimberly said...

wow that is neat that you were able to find that information. I hopw your Thanksgiving was a good one!

Melyssa said...

Hi there. I would definitely look into the book Plymouth Colony by Eugene Stratton. (My dad) You will find a plethera of information in that book regarding the passengers on the Mayflower and their descendants. You might also find his book APPLIED GENEALOGY quite useful. Both books are published by Ancestry.
The Mayflower Society in Plymouth, Massachusetts is also a great source of information and if you can prove you lineage to a Mayflower passenger or passengers, you can join for a fee. What the benefits are I'm not entirely up to date on. As I am adopted, I am unable to join, even though my adopted father is descended from most of the Mayflower passengers and was head of the Society for a few years. Their link is http://www.mayflower.org/
I do know they put out a Mayflower Quarterly and they used to have annual gatherings.
You can see the picture of the Mayflower Society House (which I lived in) in my BLOG, as well as other pictures of Plymouth. As I dig further into my files and find info on our mutual families, I will forward them onto you. I hope this helps! Best wishes, Melyssa