Monday, November 21, 2005

Piano Recital

Friday night (November 18th) both Bryan and Amy participated in their first piano recital.

I met the family at a local piano store's recital hall after work on Friday. They were all dressed up in their Sunday best, and looked so nice. Both of them had been practicing for months to be prepared. Bryan and Amy each performed twice during the course of the recital. They were pretty nervous, but were able to overcome the butterflies in their stomachs. (One little girl froze at the piano. Her mind blanked out on her, and she couldn't remember how her piece began. -- Poor thing.)

We were so proud of them. All their practicing really paid off. They had both their musical numbers memorized. Their performance was nearly perfect, with very few, if any mistakes!

After the performance, they were on cloud nine! They were so relieved to have the recital over with. With everyone all dressed up, we decided to go somewhere nice for dinner.

We decided to go to one of those Brazilian style restaurants -- where the gaucho guys deliver the various skewered meats to your table, which have been cooked on a rotisserie. The kids had never been to a Brazilian style restaurant before, so it as a new experience for them. We liked the beef chicken, and ham. However the pork seeed a little too salty. Our favorite was the grilled pineapple.

Saturday morning, the kids were still giddy and happy about the recital. They got up and first thing went to the piano and played their recital pieces again -- this time, just for the fun of it. Now that the recital was over, the pressure was off. It was nice to see them playing the piano, just for the pleasure of it. Hopefully that pleasure will keep then interested in continuing their piano studies as well.

On Sunday night, we visited Grandma and Grandpa C's house. We were celebrating Dawn Ann's birthday. The kids got to perform their recital pieces again for grandma and grandpa too.

I have previously posted a blog entry on how music also serves as a form of therapy for Bryan's learning disabilities. Bryan has been taking music lessons for a little over two years now. We feel that it has been a real help to his manual dexterity, and fine motor skills.

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Kimberly said...

Piano has been a great tool for Nathaniel's disabilities as well. I am so glad your children enjoyed themeselves. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening for all of you!