Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pivotal Moments In History

As I prepared the previous post on the Kennedy Assassination, I began to wonder, in addition to the Kennedy Assassination, what are some of the other important, pivotal moments in our recent history? Here are some examples I thought of:
  • December 7, 1941 -- Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  • May 14, 1948 -- The establishment of the State of Israel
  • November 22, 1963 -- The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • June 17, 1972 -- The Watergate Break-In
  • November 4, 1980 -- Ronald Reagan's election to the Presidency of the United States
  • November 19, 1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall
  • September 11, 2001 -- Terrorists attack the United States
Each of these events, in-turn, have spawned other events which have turned the course of history. Each of them, in their own way, has, or will continue to have a lasting impact on world and national history.

I would be interested in your thoughts as well. Leave a comment, if you would like.

What are some of your thoughts regarding these pivotal moments?

Or you could contribute a pivotal moment of your own as well.


SalGal said...

I am only old enough to remember the last three events. At the time, I didn't know what a big thing it was for Reagan to be elected. I was only five. I do remember seeing him spoofed a lot on SNL. Now, I know what a great man he was.

I remember the day the Wall came down. I remember that I told myself that I should write it on the calendar.

I remember the first Iraq war. I was so upset, I felt compelled to call my grandparents to make sure they were still alive. Not that one had anything to do with another, that was just my reaction.

September 11th just seems so unreal now. It seems so crazy that such a thing could have happened here, and it seems so unlikely that it would ever happen again. And yet, I'm sure that's what we all thought before 9/11.

Katie said...

Hey David, saw you comment on Just Say Jes and had to come say hello because well you said you came to my blog and I am always one to return the favor.

Ok to comment on you post. As far as domestic events I would add the Oklahoma City bombing (first real domestic terrorist event of grand scale) and the Columbine High School Massacre (the most recognized of the student led attacks on other students). These two events shaped our culture and brought to the forefront issues that were once ignored.

Ok I'm off to read about your visit to Big D, Texas and the JFK assasination.

Kimberly said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks so much for coming to my space and making a comment. What you said makes great sense. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

I am also a little young to remember all the events you mentioned. I do remember the wall coming down. I remember thinking it was a sign of the times and thinking of it in a real positive way.

The first Iraq war was that I didn't quite understand. I didn't understand what we were fighting for and I wasn't sure if I really agreed with it all.

Septemeber 11. caused me so much anger. I was angry at the terrorists to the point that I actually had to kneel and pray to be able to forgive and feel at peace. I had a tremendously spiritual experience from that but I am not sure now is the right time or place to share that.

The columbine high school shooting made me want to hug all my kids close to me and never let them out into the real world.

I remember President Reagan. I always thought he was such a good man. I felt he was on of the better presidents we had in my life time up to that point. I was so scared when he was shot at. I loved listening to all the things said about him at his death.

Do you mind if I link you to my blog?

Kimberly said...

I just looked at some of your pictures. You sure have a lovely family.

flysmom said...
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Lisa M. said...

Intersting post.

It has always been interesting to me, the things that I remember. "OH I remember where I was when..." In addition to the ones you mentioned..

Space Shuttle blew up.
The assassination attempt for President Reagan (both of them)

When the American's beat the Russians in hockey at the Olympics (greatest sports memory for me)

Though, 1984 was a big one, when BYU won the national college football championship.

Bill Clinton's impeachment.

The arrest of Sudamn Hussain

Lunar Landing (and I don't want to hear about conspirecy theories)

Hailey's Comet.

John Lennon's assasination.

Maybe not huge LIFE altering experineces... but indeed events that shaped my life ..and how I felt about it.

Good Post.!

Sarebear said...

When the Challenger shuttle exploded. I remember vividly, and I was in junior high at the time.

Same for the Columbia, although I kind of expected another shuttle disaster at some point.

This one isn't really essential world history, but I do vividly remember the couple of hours around when I heard that Princess Diana died. Just felt so tragic (not that other deaths aren't). I guess maybe because I remember as an 8 or 9 year old, vividly, watching the whole spectacle event of the wedding on tv.

The assassination attempt on Reagan, also, since I was a kid and that made my world feel less safe.

The Y2K non-event, but more how it shaped thinking and panic or non-panic and all the probably massive computer and software upgrades in the ten years previous to it.

Heck, I thought the home pc, vcr, cd, and dvd recorders were very noteworthy, although mostly the first two, as I was an impressionable child.