Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Calling GF Handel . . . George, Are You There?

Now that the holiday season is in full-swing, I started reflecting on some of my favorite Christmas Music. For me, the music is one of the things that makes this season so special.

I would have to say that Handel's Messiah is my overall favorite piece of Christmas Music. I once got to be a part of a group (Choir and Orchestra) that performed the entire Messiah from beginning to end. I even have my own copy of the score! On other occasions, I have been privileged to sing selected choruses from the Messiah. Unlike my friend Woody, I've never been a soloist. (Hats off to Woody!)

The Reason Why the Messiah is my favorite piece of Christmas music is because of its sheer power to testify of the Divinity of the Son of God. I find this music to be powerfully inspiring, with the ability to uplift and give comfort. Normally the Messiah is thought of as music appropriate for the Christmas and Easter Seasons -- which in deed, it is.

For me The Messiah is much more than holiday music. The Messiah is also a spiritual 911 call.

When I am feeling burdened by life, or by my own mistakes, I can play this music and find inspiration. Through the music of the Messiah, I once again feel the hope that comes to us as we realize we have a Savior who loves us, in spite of ourselves, and is willing to take upon himself our burdens. In fact, he already has.

Because of the hope and inspiration this music brings to me, and to many others -- I'm quite sure that Handel received inspiration from above when he composed this music. He was also inspired as he attached words of scripture that truly testify of the reality, divinity, and the eventual triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In answer to my earlier question--George, Are you there? -- I can only say that I have the Messiah on CD, loaded into my computer, and even on my MP3 player. I can play the Messiah at almost anytime, and anywhere -- including right now!


kaydee531 said...

Isn't music awesome? so healing!

oh and I know what book you picked :)

Kimberly said...

David I have a new space. I deleated the old one

Maren said...

I love music, especially Christmas music. I feel the spirit most strongly through music. The piece they sang from the Messiah during the Christmas Devotional was breathtaking. Beautiful.

Tigersue said...

In my Blog I asked for favorite Messiah pieces because I wanted to burn a CD with my favorite Messiah, my ultimate feel good music! I have had many opportunities to play in the Orchestra to perform this. Let me know what you think if you get this comment! :)