Monday, December 26, 2005

The Church In The News

Many of us don't get a chance to watch much Sunday Morning TV, with church meetings and family obligations. On Sunday, December 18th, the CBS Sunday Morning Show, with Charles Osgood, aired a piece called Mormons in America, which featured a family in Virginia who have recently converted to the LDS church. It just so happens that this family lives in my Brother Doug's ward in Centreville, VA.

Doug had apprised my mom and dad ahead of time when the piece would be airing. They were able to record it on their VCR. Later, on Christmas eve, we all watched the video tape of the program, and were quite impressed with the article. They included video of sunday school and primary classes held in Doug's ward. In a couple of scenes, we were able to see his daughter (our niece) Lizzy! Now she's famous -- been on national TV, you know!

I thought the report was really quite fair and balanced toward the church. They had a couple of church history facts wrong, but the substance of the report was good, and maybe even favorable toward the church. You can read the transcript here. Its always interesting to see how the church is viewed from those who are outside of the church.

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SalGal said...

What a nice story! I love Charles Osgood.