Sunday, January 08, 2006

And They Shall Rise Up And Bless Thee, As Their Father

Abraham received many blessings of the Lord. Because of his faithfulness, he was promised an innumerable posterity. Through the descendants of Abraham, the rights to the Priesthood, and the blessings of the Gospel would go forth unto all mankind. It was promised that those who would benefit from these blessings would one day rise up, and bless Abraham as their father. (See Abraham 2: 8-11)

This past week, my dad was diagnosed as having suffered a mild stroke. His symptoms include some mental confusion, and some memory loss as a result. Common, everday things which had been quite easy for him to do in the past, now have become difficult, or impossible for him to do.

Last week he underwent several tests, including an MRI that confirmed the presence of stroke damage. Tomorrow, he goes in for additional testing to determine if there is any blood clotting activity in his heart. Blood clots formed in the the heart, and later transferred to the brain are a frequent cause of stroke. You can learn more about strokes from the Mayo Clinic here.

Dad requested that my brother and I give him a priesthood blessing tonight prior to the tests that he will undergo tomorrow.

With today being Fast Sunday, our family chose to make dad's health, and the tests that he will undergo this coming week as the focus of our fast. My brother and his family, who live in Virginia also joined in our fast today as well. We have been remembering dad in all of our family and personal prayers as well.

Tonight my brother (who lives here locally) and I administered to our father. It was our privilege to rise up and bless our father, with that same priesthood that he once bestowed upon us. He who helped bring us mortal life. He who taught us the gospel. He who has been a great example for goodness in our lives. He who has blessed and sustained us in our own lives, during in our own times of need. Tonight was our opportunity to love and bless him in return.

Just as we inherit the rights to the priesthood, and the blessings of the gospel through Abraham, my brother and I also have inherited the rights to the priesthood, and the blessings of the gospel through our own father as well.

I felt a sweet spirit as I pronounced the words of the blessing. I felt directed by the Spirit in what I said. After the blessing was over, I gave my dad a big hug, and told him that I loved him. My brother did the same. I felt the sweet reassurance of the spirit that what had been said and done was in harmony with Heavenly Father's will.

As an heir to the covenant of Abraham, dad too, has been given the same promise as Abraham, that one day his sons shall rise up, and bless him as their father. Today, in some small measure, we saw that promise fulfilled.


Code Red Mama said...

Tears and tears... again.

s'mee said...

awesome, well said; and blessings from our house to yours and all who dwell within.

Lisa M. said...

What an incredible loop, life is, isn't it.

Bless you and yours.

David B. said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

The test results came in yesterday, and there appears to be no clotting in and around dad's heart. His heart valves (one of which was previously replaced) are all working normally. This is great news!

Now they will need to counsel with the Dr. and decide a treatment program that will help dad recover from the injuries he's already sustained, and prevent further strokes from happening.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts and good wishes.

Tigersue said...

Glad to hear that things seem to be okay. Hope it continues that way.
Thanks for your words at my blog. How true it all is. I suffered with PPD with my son, my 2nd child that was also born in the fall. With him it was much worse than I am now. With this baby I have really good days, but I also have the really bad ones too. I promised I wouldn't let myself get as bad as I was before. I have also had depression caused by medications I have taken for my hormone imbalance, and it was awful, as bad and worse than PPD. Michael once told me I needed to go through it at one point so I would recognize the power of Satan at another time, that could have kept temple work being done for ancestors that we were told it was done, and when double checked(again!), they were not done, and not only that mistakes were made on a large scale.
I believe there is a reason for all things, and I'm very grateful at this point I have been able to feel the spirit, I have been in such a dark place before where that wasn't even possible.
So I do what I can for now, I know it won't be for long, and once I really get back to the things I know work on a long term basis, I will be much better.
Thanks again.