Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Here's To The Boys!

The Men
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This is another photo from the "scanner series." I believe this photo was taken on Christmas Eve, 1997.

Introductions are in order: That's my dad in the rear. Next is my brother Doug (black sweater), me in the middle, and my brother Mark in the striped shirt.

I am holding my son Bryan. I believe Mark is holding Jennifer (Doug's #2 daughter), and that is Elizabeth (Doug's #1 daughter)in the foreground.

I think this is from Christmas Eve of 1997. My big clue to the year is the "Faith In Every Footstep" T-shirt that I am wearing, which I obtained while viewing the "trek" in the summer of 1997.

I love this photo, for many reasons. First of all is because it is such a nice picture of my dad. This is before his health problems set in (hearing loss, heart surgery, and now a mild stroke). This is how I want to best remember him, with his bright, warm, engaging smile.

I also love this photo because it has all three of "us boys" in the family together. Since Doug moved to Virginia a little over 10 years ago, we just don't get to be all in one place much very often.

Doug is the only one in the photo who still looks a lot like he does in this photo, now 8 years later. I mentioned dad's health problems, which have been hard on him.

As you can see, my dad has an "extra-high" forehead (we don't say "bald" - receding hairline is risqué enough for us!) He has been quite proud to display his perfect cranium for all to see - essentially ever since he came home from his mission. Dad went to Hawaii, of all places, on his mission! I wonder if the Tiki gods got to him, and blessed him with that head that was so perfect that it could no longer stand to be covered by a veil of hair?

Mark, in this photo had started to "grow-out" his forehead too. He has continued to make progress in displaying more of his head, which is nearing in a state of perfection. Mark is still a little shy about it displaying it in all its glory, like dad. - At least not yet!

As for me, I have to admit that my forehead has started to grow out a little too, although I'm much more modest about showing off my head than my dad and brother.

Doug, on the other-hand, is the shyest of all. He keeps his forehead covered at all times with his thick, lustrous, hair. You'd think that having 4 kids would have taken more of a toll on him by now!

Of course 8 years makes a lot of difference with the kids. You would hardly recognize them today from this photo. Bryan is now a deacon. Elizabeth just turned 11. Jennifer now has blonde hair, instead of that patch of red hair seen in the photo.

Oh, and in the background, can you see those nicely knit Christmas stockings hung on the wall? Those were knitted by my sister, Jeannette, who always does great work!


Téa said...

Wow, this post reminds me why pictures are worth 1000s of words. A single snapshot of your existance, you know it to be roughly 8 years ago,and to think of all the details that go along with it.
I wax nostalgic in the wee hours of the morn...

s'mee said...

Cool pic, David. My pop has a "cul de sac", and since his senior year in high school! Photos are good stuff!

David B. said...

Téa - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I agree that our old photos can be precious. They can remind us of people, and places and times that are no more. They become even more priceless when our loved ones pass on.

s'mee - I hadn't hear the "cul de sac" terminology before - that's pretty good! I'll have to remember that one.

s'mee said...

my dad is very proud of the fact that when he gets a hair cut he actually get *a* hair cut! He swears he'd be 6' tall *if* he had hair. He loves the bald jokes and if we can find bald related anything he is silly with giddiness. One particular prized gift was the baby wash cloth labeled "comb".

Lisa M. said...

With my Dad's death two years ago, my sisters just after that, and my Mom dying now, photographs have taken a whole new meaning for me.

What a blessing they are.

What a great memory!

OH, and Jeanette's a wonder! Those stockings look really neat!