Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, No Wonder!

I haven't been feeling too good lately. I got a head cold about 2-3 weeks ago. The head cold cleared, but then I started coughing, for about the last couple of weeks. Then about 10 days ago, I started getting fevers and chills. I would sit in my office, with a polar fleece, and a jacket on -- with the temperature turned up to about 75 degrees -- and still shiver with chills. Then, all of a sudden I would get hot, and sweat would be pouring off of me.

Later, I would develop a shortness of breath, and I found myself getting weaker. The coughing continued on (I should own stock in Halls Cough Drops!). Now all of my abominable abdominal muscles are strained from all the coughing. I found it increasingly more and more difficult to sleep. With the sore muscles, it was getting impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. I tried 'em all: the bed, the couch, and 2 recliners, with various pillow arrangements. Still no luck.

Yesterday, I went to my early meetings, took the kids to sacrament meeting, ran a couple of errands with my calling, and came home to crash.

I tried the bed again, but I had a lot of abdominal/rib pain. I already had all the ibuprophen and tylenol in me that was safe to have on board, still, no much relief.

As I lie there, doing my best imitation of a pill bug (basically balled up into the fetal position to try to quell the pain), I came to the realization that I need to get some medical attention. Today! I also felt impressed to have my home teacher give me a priesthood blessing. I realized (Doh! Finally!) that this could be getting serious! I had just expected for things to improve, like they usually do. I thought I would be getting better. But I wasn't.

I still had several appointments left for the day. However, I decided to cancel them. My home teacher's family took the kids while my wife drove me to the friendly neighborhood instacare.
Just walking from the parking lot to the reception desk caused me to be winded. I eased myself down into a chair, and Dawn Ann filled out all the forms for me. They could see that I was a basket case, and took me right in (actually, I don't think they were too busy anyway). They took my blood pressure and temperature, and sure enough, I had a fever.

The Dr. at the instacare is one that we have seen before. He is really good (sometimes I wish he was my real doctor.) His name is Dr. Buzzard - kind of an ironic name for one who is dedicated to preserving life. While they were taking my blood pressure, I saw him walk by, and I said, "Uh-Oh! It looks like the Buzzards are circling!" (I've heard the staff at the instacare make comments like that before, so I knew no one would be offended.) Everyone, including the doc got a chuckle out of that.

The doctor examined me, and determined that a chest x-ray was in order. The results indicated that I had bronchitis, and that I was developing a spot of pneumonia in one lung. The doc said it was a good thing we came in! In a few more days, it would have been full-blown pneumonia. (It probably would have been better to go to the Dr. about a week ago, knowing what I know now.)

I got a big antibiotic shot in my fanny hip. I was prescribed a heavy-duty antibiotic by mouth, along with a decongestant. Finally, I was prescribed a wonderful narcotic cough syrup as well.

Later, my home teacher, who is 1st counselor in the bishopric, joined by the 2nd counselor came over to give me a blessing. Usually, it is me who is giving the priesthood blessings. It is different for me to be on the receiving end. My health is usually good, and NORMALLY, if I do get sick, it passes quickly. While I was having my pill bug inspiration, I knew that it was time to get both medical attention and a priesthood blessing, and I knew that I should ask my home teacher to administer to me. He gave me a very nice blessing, and I knew that I had done the right thing.

After the blessing, Dawn Ann went out to get the prescriptions. I took my first dose of everything. The decongestant has been working great! And I must say, the narcotic cough syrup did a great job too. I hardly coughed at all throughout the night. The cough syrup also has the effect of making you very drowsy - which for me right now is a very good thing! I was able to get more sleep last night than I have for several days. I'll probably get some more rest today too! I'll probably be taking the next couple of days off work to catch up on my rest, and to get better.

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Tigersue said...

I had a good case of pneumonia a few years ago, it is not fun, to make it worse I can't take the antibiotic they usually give because I'm alergic to it, so I had to take one not quite as effective so it took awhile to get feeling much better. I love phenergan with codeine, I'm sure that is what they gave you. I love it for the bronchitis cough which hurts so bad. I found pneumonia didn't hurt as much to cough, just yucky. Glad you are on things to get better.