Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Little More Marriage Humor

With everyone being a little sick, tired, or sick and tired, I thought I'd share some images about the differences between men and women that I came across awhile back.

Women Are Complex Creatures

You see, we men are simple creatures, really. All we really require are the basic necessities of life. Many a poor boy has made the mistake of assuming that women, like himself, are simple creatures also. This is a serious error in judgment, on his part.

Women, are complex, and delicate creatures. It may take many years, or even a lifetime, to learn what all a woman needs. Some men never learn it at all (or don't care to learn). You will never know, without a lot of trial and error, just which button to push or what knob to turn. Once in a while you will get lucky, and get it right. I recommend that men seek for divine guidance in this matter -- its way more than we simple creatures can figure out on our own!

Dispute Resolution

Before marriage, men are used to a pretty much free an unencumbered life. They are used to having things their own way most of the time. They have control of their money and their time (whether or not they were using them wisely, is another question all together).

However, after marriage, there are certain realities that quickly come into view. For the most part men's lives are no longer their own.

As the chart above illustrates, they quickly find that their leverage in negotiating disputes also lessens in proportion to the degree of commitment for which they have invested in the relationship. As he makes the total commitment of marriage, he also hands over all of his negotiating power.

The one thing that he has learned, simple creature that he is, is this: "IF MAMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NO ONE HAPPY". And its corollary: Let mama win the arguments so that she, and hence everyone else, can be happy too! (I'm just kidding about this, of course! Really. *fingers crossed*)

[All attempts at humor aside, there is actually a serious side to the issue of winning arguments. It comes in the form of being unselfish in a relationship. Winning arguments isn't necessarily a good thing. Often times it is a sign of selfishness, and of not caring for the needs of your spouse. If we are trying to think of the needs of others, before our own, many potential arguments will simply melt away. Sure there are issues that we could raise, or make a big ruckus over, but to what point? What will be gained in the end? Maybe we can assuage our own pride, but that will only last for a few fleeting moments. After that, then where are you? Have you won the argument at the cost of weakening the relationship? Was it really worth it after all? Just something to think about.

Of course I am talking about arguments that are of a more trivial nature here - where the outcome really doesn't matter that much in the long run, except if you are keeping score about who wins the most arguments.

There are times when issues can be far more serious, and require that you take a stand on principles. You have to use your best judgment to determine whether winning a duspute is merely a matter of pride, or if its truly a principle for which a stand must be taken. ]

Shopping Habits

This diagram is, of course, a complete stereotype. My wife hates to go shopping. I have to practically drag her to a clothing store. I don't much like shopping myself either. In fact, I buy most of my clothes over the Internet nowadays. Sometimes I even go shopping for her, of all things. Now there's dedication for you!

Well, if you've been a little sick, or tired, or both, I hope this has given you reason to smile, and maybe a little something to think about too. I hope you all have a great day!

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Noelie said...

I have to admit this post reminded me a LITTLE of a posting I saw on (formerly what you could get a man for Valentines. Needless to say the suggestions were few and to the point..:-) I think that is about all I will say.