Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On Thin Ice

I saw this earlier today, and thought it was kind of cute. It is called The Simpsonmaker. (Actually, I don't watch The Simpsons. My wife can't stand the sarcasm and backbiting. So I haven't seen an episode of The Simpsons since 1991. -- I probably only watched it once or twice before then. The series started in 1989.)

The Simsonmaker lets you morph the cartoon character into various looks, to approximate the person you want to represent. You can choose from different body types, hairstyles and colors (sorry, no turbins available for the headgear) and the scene in which the character appears. In this case, the cartoon is as close as I could get to what I look like, through the filter of Simpsonesque caricature. Then you can add your own caption. The tool doesn't produce HTML code to cut and paste the image onto your blog, so you will have to create a screen capture image, if you want to post it. Anyhow, have some fun with it!

Really, as soon as I get feeling better, and the weather gets a little nicer outside, I want to start a walking program. I hope to be able to take these walks together with my honey. Not only will we be getting some much needed exercise, but we can have some quiet time together away from the kids. The kids now are old enough that we can leave the house for 1/2 hour or so while we go for a walk.

Evenings will be the best time for us to walk, after dinner -- while the kids are doing the dishes (I love that part.) Too bad daylight savings time doesn't start early this year. In 2007, Daylight Savings Time will start on the 2nd Sunday of March, instead of the 1st Sunday of April as it now is.


Lisa M. said...

Interesting. *smile*

Oh and I agree with your wife. We don't watch it here either, but I did think your cartoon was fun.

I like the 2007 time frame too!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey Dave I finally made it to your blog. What is this that you are not feeling good. No, no that cannot be. Get to feeling better so you can enjoy life more. Liked your cartoon.

Jettboy said...

I tried to find a character that looked like me. Sort of worked, but not entirely. Wish there was more stuff to choose from. It was fun.