Friday, March 17, 2006

All is not well- after all

Guest Blogger-- His wife, DawnAnn

Dave has been in the hospital since Monday with infected absesses on his liver and bowel and he is one sick puppy. Don't you love these cowboy types-- They never let on they are about to die. They kind of do this "Oh, by the way I have been shot" kind of moves. Man I hate surprises.

He has been struggling for a while now but he still forced himself to be about his duties and responsibilities. Even last Sunday he was at his assigned ward to conduct sustaining for a new ward clerk. Afterward he set him apart. The kids and I went with him (mostly to bring him home if needed). He was pale as a ghost, diaphoretic, and in pain even then. Man alive, I hate having to figure out the true picture of how he is doing with all his cowboy stoicism.

He had me scared there for a little while. I never anticipated the speed of action or this outcome but we had been praying that these tests would discover what was causing his pain and help direct the Dr.s on how to fix it. (I was secretly praying that it wasn't cancer.)

We went in to the hospital this last Monday for his scheduled abdominal tests, (barium cocktail type.) Afterward Dave comes come and calls me in to tells me the findings and that the Dr. is going to admit him shortly. This would be after they successfully poke tubes the size of the Chunnel into those dastardly pus pockets. (The liver absess surprised even the Dr. I think but now looking back it made sense too.) The tubes weren't that big but I am sure Dave would feel that they were.

Now all this was good and bad. It is good that we now knew what this beast was and the plan of attack was set out. Bad news was that I started to worry-worry. As a nurse I started putting it all together, OK now what do we need to watch out for. Systemic SEPSIS. Medical people know too much about illnesses for our own good. Needless to say I got teary after I got the kids home and sat down.

These many days he has been doing fairly well with his antibiotic therapy. They have had so many chemicals running through his veins, he positively glows in the dark. Now he has a pink face, smiles quicker, and moves around easier.

We were hoping to be able to bring him home today. He had been doing well until this afternoon when he developed a bout of fever and chills. Not good for our plans. I think it bought him another 2 day stay. We'll see how he is doing tomarrow.

There you have it, why Dave has been quiet here for this last week. He has had some neat visits from long ago people in his past. He will have to tell you all about it next week.

He will be home bound for a few weeks more getting antibiotics and such so I am sure he will have lots of blog time. I can't wait-- Oh man did I say that. I get pretty jelous of this blog but I just want him home.


SalGal said...

Get well soon, cowboy!

Tigersue said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I was thinking something was wrong. Tell him we are wishing him the best! Get well soon, so he can get back to being and doing what he would like to do.

Noelie said...

My goodness!

Maren said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Dave will be in my prayers. Keep us posted.

Mary A said...

Thanks for letting us know so we can remember Dave and all of you in our prayers. It sounds like he is doing well, but that it was a serious thing. I know what you mean about "cowboy stoicism."

Tell Dave to take care and behave. And you take care of yourself, too.

Britmum said...

Gosh get well soon.

Take care

Téa said...

Wow, and here I thought he was just out enjoying that solar snow shovel...

Thanks for the update on your cowboy--hope he's well enough to come home soon and stays well enough to be home stoically or not.

Tigersue said...

Hi there Dave, Here is an interesting blog host that specializes in genealogy. I thought you might would be interested to look at it.

David B. said...

I got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. This is the first chance I've had to get on the computer since coming home.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I will say more in some regular posts. I just want you all to know that I deeply appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness.