Friday, March 10, 2006

I love Our Solar Snow Shovel!

Yesterday we woke up to snowy weather.  In the mid morning hours, we had a blizzard come through our town.  The snow was coming sideways, and was sticking to the windows. By the time it was done, We had about 4 inches of snow on our driveway.

Our house faces South -- which is a very good thing!  In the winter time, the sun shines mostly from the South.  Oh, it still crosses the sky form East to West, just at a distinct Southerly angle.   After the storm passed by, the sun came out, and began to work its magic.  By the time I got home from work, all the snow was melted off the driveway!  I call this the Solar Snow Shovel Effect. It's a beautiful thing!

I first learned about the Solar Snow Shovel Effect the hard way, as I was growing up.  You see, my folks had (still have) a house that faces North. As the oldest child, I was given the task of snow removal.  I learned that It was important to shovel the snow as soon as possible after it fell, because it wasn't about to melt on its own in the shade of the house.  If left too long, it would turn to Ice, and then it would be really tough to remove.  I also noticed that much, if not all, of the snow on the driveways of the South facing houses across the street from us  would quickly melt off - making snow removal a lot easier. 

Now I can afford to be a little bit lazy when it snows.  If the sun comes out, its a pretty good bet that the Solar Snow Shovel will have done the job for me!  Unless its a really big storm, chances are I won't have to shovel at all!  Now that's what I call putting Solar Power to work for you!

When the time came that we bought our own home, I made it a point to ensure that we would have one of the privileged South-Facing homes.  That's a decision I have never regretted in the 12 years we've lived here. 

So, the moral of the story is -- If you live in a snow prone area, and your are considering a home purchase, remember to get a South-Facing home.  And then you, too, will have a Solar Snow Shovel of your own! 

P.S.  - Your back will thank you too!


SalGal said...

My solar shovel can kick your solar shovel's butt!

David B. said...

That may be true, but I bet I get to use mine more than you do. Mine is a very well-trained solar shovel!

Lisa M. said...

Well for the tip.

*chuckle* My house faces East. That works too. Especially early morning sun.

The back always needs some help. *Grin*

Téa said...

OK, David, my solar shovel isn't well behaved at all. It keeps whacking me over the head during the summer!

Anonymous said...

David - Good to see you again and for the information to find your blog. Great job! Thanks also for the solar snow shovel tip. We had a North exposure home in West Jordan and it was solid ice. Bob will be amused by your comment when I share it with him1
Your cousin, Shirley Krans