Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eternal Life

We recently visited St. George to visit Dawn Ann's parents, and her Sister Tina. While there, I wanted to continue my quest of photographing LDS Temples. I have never actually been inside the St. George Temple. But that will change in February, when here Nephew, Neil, will be married there.

We were fortunate to get there in the late afternoon, and found that the cloud patterns overhead provided wonderful leading lines toward the temple.

Bryan and I returned there one evening for some nighttime photos. Once again I used my mini-tripod. I had Bryan set the self-timer on the camera. I would like to get him involved in photography, if possible. It is something that we could both enjoy together. We'll see how it works out. You can see more of our St. George Temple Photos here.

I wanted show some of these photos because I have been thinking about our own mortality, especially in light of the passing of Lt. Scott Lundell in Afghanistan.

Even though there is great loss, there is also great hope. Temples symbolize that hope, which comes to us through Christ's redemption from the dead. Covenants once made in temples, and then kept throughout life, will result in eternal relationships with our loved ones. Through Christ, we will all be resurrected. Death will be deprived of its temporary victory.

In time, death will come to each of us. Some will live to a ripe old age. Others of us will be called home sooner -- and even sometimes at inopportune times. However, death is a temporary separation. Eventually we will join our loved ones in the Spirit World, and together there await the glorious resurrection day.

These beautiful temples inspire me to think of things eternal. The cares and worries of our day-to-day struggles melt away, as I consider life from an eternal perspective. They stand as reminders of what is truly important, and bolster our faith in Christ, and help us trust in His promises to us.

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T. F. Stern said...

That's a great picture of the St. George Temple in the day time with those clouds as a back drop; awesome.