Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last-Second Play: BYU Beats Utah

OK. Now I've really found the joys of YouTube. I can preserve the great BYU win over Utah into perpetuity.

On Saturday, we were outside getting things ready for winter during the big game. Bryan and Amy were on the roof putting up the Christmas lights, and I was out front pruning the rose bushes. I listend to much of the game on my headset radio. About half-way through the 4th quarter, I just couldn't take it anymore. BYU was playing poorly. I shut off my radio (in disgust!) and took off the headset.

Meanwhile, Bryan had finished putting up the lights, and I was still chopping up rose bush branhes.

Suddenly Bryan comes running out of the house and says "BYU Won! BYU Won!"

My first thought was -- no way! Not those losers! They way they were playing, they were going down to defeat for sure!

So I dropped my pruners and came running into the house. When I got to the TV, the refs were still confering after the touchdown was scored. Then I saw this replay.

A perfect ending for a great season of BYU football. Even though my faith was weak, I'm glad the Cougars pulled it out.

Thanks to YouTube, I can relive the memory over and over again.

Now onto the next foe. It appears that BYU may be paired against Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl. There they will the evil Sith-lord Gary Crowton, who has gone over to the dark side.


T. F. Stern said...

I'm not into football; but half our Ward went to Utah, the other half to BYU. I get to listen alot as they brag or hang their head.

My daughter went to UT and lost her wager to an A&M friend. She has to wear A&M maroon and white and post it on her blog. That's a healthy kind of wager, just clean fun.

Tigersue said...

Wasn't that game amazing. I was the same as you, I would turn it on, turn it off. I actually turned the radio on right at the end of the game, after the fact, just in time to hear Greg Rubel's excitment as to what just happened.
Playing against Utah is always like that isn't it.
What impressed me after the game was the graciousness of the players and their comments. It is not often to hear those kind of words. I think both coaches are teaching these men the art of sportsmanship.

David B. said...

I too was impress by the graciousness of Coach Wittingham, of Utah, and of the Utah players. I was especially impressed with Eric Weddle, of Utah. He is such a talented player himself, playing both ways. Yet he was gracious to the BYU players too. He had lots of nice things to say about John Beck of BYU. I'm sure Eric Weddle has a bright future ahead.

That's the way the game should be played. Play hard. Do your best. But shake hands after its done.

I think our politicians could take a lesson in civility from these fine athletes.