Saturday, December 25, 2004

Crab Poop

Crab Poop
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We had a great time on our little hike. We incorporated the buddy system: Bryan and Nathan were buddies. Amy and Calvin also formed a buddy pair. Of course, I paired up with my best buddy (Dawn Ann). As we hiked along the trail, the kids were looking for "pretty" rocks along the way. Evidence of wildlife was abundant along the trail -- at least scatological evidence, that is. Four-year-old Calvin was particularly preoccupied with strange looking droppings composed largely of Juniper berries, which he called "Crab Poop!" We never did figure out what kind of "crab" it was that was leaving its calling card along the trail.

We had a nice time together in the warm sunshine. The wind wasn't as strong on this trail either, which made it all the more pleasant.

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