Friday, December 17, 2004

A School Christmas Concert

Today was our children's Christmas concert at their elementary school. Bryan is in 5th grade, and Amy is in 4th grade. I took the morning off from work, so that my wife and I could attend together. We all drove together to the school today, instead of the kids riding the school bus as usual.

I was interested to see how politically correct the Christmas Program would be. I was pleased that at least they called it a Christmas program. On the school calendar, the Christmas break is officially known as "Winter Recess".

Upon entering the school cafeteria/gymnasium, I was pleased to see an actual real, live artificial Christmas Tree! The tree had lights, ribbons and bows, with a big bow atop the tree -- no angel or star on top, of course.

Each grade sang in turn, starting with kindergarten, and ending with the sixth graders. All of the songs were cute. There were two African centered songs, and one Hanukkah song. The rest of the songs usually had something to do with Santa Claus or winter in general.

The one song that had anything to do with the birth of the Christ-Child was sung by Amy's class. However, this was one of the African songs -- and it was sung in an African language, so no one could have been offended unless they were trying really hard to be offended. Amy's group featured is very own percussion section.

The other African song was by the 2nd grade, and its purpose was to give Santa directions to Timbuktu (in case he didn't know where that was).

I have no idea what the Hanukkah song sung by the 3rd grade was about, but it really had a catchy tune! It made you want to stand up and clap and dance to the beat!

Bryan's 5th grade class sang a nice, safe arrangement of "Winter Wonderland" -- which is really more of a Winter song, rather than a Christmas Song.

At the conclusion of the concert, the principal congratulated everyone for a wonderful concert, and was proud of the diversity exibited at the event.

The children seemed to have a nice time. After I came home from work, Amy asked me two or three times if I liked her song today. I gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up! She was proud of her song today. Bryan was a little more ambivalent -- his song didn't get to have cool drums or props like some of the others did.

Although there was some political correctness at the event, it could have been a poured on a lot more thickly. I was glad we went to the concert, and that we were able to support the kids.

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Anonymous said...

I like the little piano tree. It will for for this year at least. -- dbc