Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Temple Square at Christmas

SL Temple Christmas South
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Tonight we visited Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. Each year, hundreds of thousands of lights decorate the trees and shrubbery in and around Temple Square.

We had a nice time. It wasn't too cold, temperatures in the high 40's. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, with more storms coming later in the week. It will be much colder from now until New Year's. Tonight was our last chance to visit with mild weather conditions.

We had a nice chat with a couple of Sister Missionaries. One of them, a Sister Harker was from Calgary, Alberta. About a year ago, I was working with an Elder Harker, in our Stake who was from Raymond, Alberta. Apparently they are not related, and from what she explained, there are a lot of Harkers in Southern Alberta. Raymond is where My Grandmother was born and raised.

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