Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Piano Tree

We had a nice addition to our home this year -- A piano. Its just a small spinet piano -- but so is our living room. With the piano in place, which pretty much takes up an entire wall of our living room. In the past we have been able to shift the furniture around in order place our Christmas Tree in the bay window of our living room. With the addition of the piano however, that just can't be done this year.

Our solution:) - A little 3 foot pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, which now is perched atop our piano. Also on top of the piano to the left of the tree is a little nativity scene, with porcelain figurines. To the right of the tree is a statue an Indian boy with an eagle, and a candle holder that Bryan won in a charity auction last month. We really do have wrapped presents. They are on the floor to the left of the piano in the corner of the room. I admit it looks a little Spartan - but it will have to do in a humble Charlie Brown Christmas tree sort of way for this year.

Next year we will (Yes, I know that means I will have to get off my duff and do some work!) have some rooms completed in the basement. Either we will have our Christmas tree downstairs, or we will have a place to move some of the furniture from the living so that the tree can go in it traditional location in the bay window.

The funny thing is, even though it looks kind of meager and sparse, the truth is we are really going to have one of our better Christmases, as far as gifts are concerned.

I have to speak in church tomorrow and do my home teaching. Maybe, if all goes well, we will go see the Christmas lights downtown at Temple Square tomorrow evening.

Monday, I will go to work long enough to make sure that payroll is processed, and then we will be off to St. George for a few days to visit with Dawn Ann's family.

The Piano Tree - Christmas 2004
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