Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bryan's Birthday Party

Bryan and a few friends over to the house yesterday to celebrate his birthday. In this photo, Bryan and his friends (and Amy) are playing a game of secret square. Bryan is contemplating his next move, as he studies the field.

The kids were all well behaved, at least until we brought out the pie and ice cream and they all got their sugar fixes.

I have created a little photo album of the birthday party on flickr. You can see Bryan's birthday party pictures here. When the web page loads from Flickr, click on the small thumbnail of each photo, and you will see additional comments I have made about each picture. (I don't recommend clicking on the "view as slideshow" option. It is slow if you are on dial-up Internet access. Also, it does not show the little comments that accompany each picture.

I'll let Bryan tell you more about his party on his own blog. I'll line to it when he's got it done.

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