Monday, February 21, 2005

Bryan's Ordination

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Its been a big week for Bryan. He has had a lot of attention directed his way.

First there was his birthday party last Saturday with his friends.

Last Sunday, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa C.'s house for a birthday dinner.

On Tuesday, which was his actual birthday, he went to his 11-year-old scout troop for the last time. They took him out to a nearby ice cream shop to celebrate. (He got raspberry sorbet, with fresh raspberries mixed in. Bryan brought home a taste for us -- it was quite good!)

On Thursday, Bryan met with the Bishop to be interviewed for his ordination.

Today, however was the culmination of all the celebrations. Today, Bryan was sustained by the church membership, and ordained a Deacon. I had the privilege of officiating in the ordination.

Our family was in attendance, along with Grandma and Grandpa C, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Jeannette.

Today marks a turning point in Bryan's young life. He begins to turn the corner from childhood, to becoming a young man. He will take upon himself new duties and obligations as a priesthood holder. Now the focus of his efforts as a priesthood holder will be in service to others, and in preparing for a mission.

Bryan and I will have have more things in common. We both share in the honor of holding the Priesthood. We will attend priesthood meetings together. He will get to come with us to General Priesthood Meetings, when Grandpa, Myself and all of my brothers (who are in town at the time) and now Bryan will be ablet to attend together. We will add a new generaton to our family priesthood quorum.

Bryan still has a lot of things to do learn. He still has a lot of maturing to do, as well. But today, he turns a corner and begins a journey in a new direction. He will have new associations as he enters the Aaronic Priesthood, and takes part in the Young Men's program of the church. He now enters a time in his life where more is expected of him. He will have resonsibilties, important responsibilities that will bless the lives of those he serves.

We are proud of Bryan, and for his willingness to take upon himself these new responsibilities and obligations. We know that as he serves his fellowman, that his service will help to shape him as he grows in the gospel, and as he learns to prepare for that which lies ahead.

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