Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Jeannette's Roof

Jeannette's Roof
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The walls are up, the roof is on. They were shingling on Saturday 2/5/05. Hopefully they got most of the shingles on before the storm hit. About 10 inches of snow fell there by Monday evening (2/7/05)! All the windows and doors (except the front garage door) are in now -- so the interior should be protected from the elements. They are estimating about 6-8 weeks to completion.

On Saturday, Mark and Jeannette spent a long day installing low-voltage wiring. They put in wiring for telephone, computers, cable TV and TV antenna cable, and wiring for surround sound. A TV antenna was installed inside the attic (antennas are not allowed on the roof). Also, they made sure all the custom wiring for the garage door opener was in place.

This was the only day that the low-voltage wiring could be done. On Monday, there was to be the final electrical inspection. Once that inspection passes, they will be busy installing the drywall, and the chance to put in customized (easily, that is) would be past.

I would like to have been there to help, but I had to present a training class for Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops at our stake conference, which was on the same day.

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