Sunday, July 31, 2005


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There are three things that my wife, Dawn Ann, just cant stand: Pretzels, Corn Nuts, and Black Licorice.

In fact, she threatens that anyone who partakes of these banned substances will not be receiving any kisses from mama! Out of respect for her wishes, (and because we LIKE mama's kisses) we don't ordinarily buy these things, or bring them into the house.

Bryan and I are leaving tomorrow morning for scout camp - to the Bear Lake Aquatics Camp. I will be there for Monday and Tuesday, and Bryan will be there until Saturday.

Bryan and I actually like these things, so when we go camping toghether, all bets are off!! After all, its just us Boys! We just have to take this contraband along with us. You should see the mischevious gleam in Bryan's eyes when when we get these things -- like we're really getting away with something!

When Dawn Ann saw these things, she feigned horror, which adds to the effect for the kids. Amy, in solidarity with the women folk, has decided that these are, in fact, evil and disgusting too!

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