Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pioneer Day Fireworks

Pioneer Day Fireworks
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We took a little day trip on Friday (July 22nd).

First we visited the cemeteries at Kamas and Woodland. Found some early Lefler relatives in the Woodland Cemetery.

Then we drove over the Mirror Lake Highway. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy and rainy, so we didn't really stop along the way -- but it was till a scenic drive.

Then we went to Evanston and bought some fireworks at Schwietzer's. We got one package of fireworks that were rockets - to be shot off in Wyoming. And we got another package that were supposed to be ground only fireworks, which we thought would be legal for Utah.

Friday night, we found a favorite out of the way marshy spot in the Almy area, just outside of Evanston, and shot off our rockets. We had a lot of fun, but we did have to use insect repellent. Not too many skeeter bites though.

Tonight (Monday July 25th) we opened up the "ground" fireworks package. A few of these did a little more than we expected -- like sending a charge up into the air about 50 feet, and go off, like a mini staduim type firework! Oops! Well, we'll no better next time. This one (pictured) was one of the legal ones.


The Fly said...

Hey, David, are you still interested in reading that paper of mine?

Live, Love, Laugh said...

sounds like you had an interesting day! Enjoyed the post!

David B. said...

lll: thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime!

David B. said...

The Fly:

Yes, I would still like to read your paper which discusses Jews and the LDS church. You can send it to " dcarpenslc@lycos.com"