Friday, July 08, 2005

Little Creek Reservoir

Little Creek Reservoir
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View of Little Creek Reservoir, looking to the East. Town of Randolph in the distance about 5 miles away. Crawford Mountains (in Wyoming) in the background.

The reservoir was on the East end of what was Grandpa's Ranch.

The water is used to irrigate farmland below the dam. Grandpa owned shares of water in the reservoir, and was alowed to take water from the creek which feeds the reservoir, and whic also ran through his property.

This is where I learned to fish. My biggest catch here was a 5 pound rainbow trout (about 21 inches long). However, I enjoyed catching the little brook trout in the stream (Little Creek) most of all. I didn't really get to fish too much. There was a lot of work to do around the ranch, so my fishing skills were rudimentary, at best.

I even fished in the creek with a real "willow" fishing pole, from a green twig I cut off from the willow tree (Boys were allowed to have pocket knives back then!), with some fishing line attached to one end. I attached a hook, a sinker, and a worm. It worked! I caught several fish that way!

They tasted mighty good for breakfast the next morning too!

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