Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Framing Panorama

What a difference a week makes. This photo panorama of Jeannette's house was taken my Mark. He stitched 3 photos together to make this composite picture. Pretty nice work!

As you can see, much of the framing is already done. The have already begun putting on the "skin" of the house. Hopefully it won't rain or snow too much until they get the trusses up and roof on.

When my house was just at this stage, we got about 8 inches of snowfall on my brand new sub-floor. Sure enough, now we have a few squeaks in the floor because of the warping that took place. (As a matter of fact, the sub-floor of mom and dad's house got wet when it was being built, and it too has had a history of squeaks and creaks.)

It's exciting to see progress taking place. Framing is always fun to watch, because you begin to see what the house is really going to look like, and its such a dramatic change from a flat foundation. We'll keep checking back for progress.

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