Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gospel Study Blog

I have been thinking about some ways in which I can better motivate myself in the area of Gospel Study. I have my monthly talks that I prepare for, and I have scripture study with the family, but I still feel like I need to do more for my own personal study. After some consideration I have decided to create a secondary blog, to this one, which will contain spiritual thoughts and ideas from Gospel Study.

I have decided to set a goal for myself to read all of the Sunday School and Priesthood lessons prior to each Sunday's church meetings. After I have studied for each lesson, I will write about the things I have learned -- kind of like a book report. I would then post my thoughts on the Gospel Study Blog, along with my monthly talks.

One possibility to think about would be to make it a group blog. Where family members could share their thoughts and ideas. Even though, as a family, we are spread out all across the continent, we still have the same Sunday School lessons, and many of the same Priesthood/Relief Society lessons. Let me know if you would have any interest such a study group. Send me an email, or post a comment at the end of this posting if you are interested.

UPDATE: I have created the a new blog called Gospel Study. You can view it here Also, I have created a link to it on the left sidebar in the Links Section under the name: Gospel Study Page. There will be 2-3 postings per week on the Gospel Study Page. More, if anyone else is interested in contributing.

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