Saturday, January 01, 2005

Maj. Lynn Birrell

Maj. Lynn Birrell
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This photo appeared in the Deseret Morning News on 12/31/04. You can read the article here.

Major Lynn Birrell is my brother's, father-in-law. He is being deployed on Wednesday, 1/5/05 for Germany, to care for soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. He works as a physicians assistant, and is an army major. This is his 39th year in the military. His family, has also served extensively in the military, including one brother who was killed while fighting with the Marines in Korea.

We appreciate him, the Birrell Family, and all those who serve with him for their service to our country.

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Cody Larson said...

I happened on your post while searching for contact information on MAJ Birrell. I worked with him in the DWMMC at Landstuhl last year, and was hoping to contact him. I believe he has since retired and there is no likely way I can contact him through the military network. Is there a way you could put me in touch with him through email?

My email:

Thank you.