Monday, January 17, 2005

Jeannette's Foundation #2

Jeannette Foundation #2
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It's been about a month since we the last posted a photo of the progress Jeannette's new house. The piles of dirt have been smoothed out since last time. We're not sure how much has been done with the roughed-in plumbing, and concrete sub-floor. We can't tell too much because everything was covered over, and it is still quite muddy. I didn't really want to slog through the mud to look under covers.

Between the holidays, and the spate of bad weather we've had recently, I guess its understandable that not a lot has been done during the past week or two.

I looked around the area, and I saw a completed home across the street that looked like it might be similar to what the final product will look like.

We'll check back again on the progress of the house, in a few more weeks, after the framing is underway.

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