Thursday, August 04, 2005

Big Bird

Big Bird
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Our daughter, (and her mama for that matter) have fallen in love with a cockatiel named "Big Bird".

Big Bird belongs to a boy named Dallin. Dallin, and his 5 sisters and mom are visiting their dad who is in the Army Reserves. Their dad is currently working in New Hampshire for the Army full time, and he recently just returned from a stint in Iraq as well.

They needed a bird sitter, while they visited with dad for the Summer. The family will return in the fall and move to a new home about 20 miles to the West of us in Tooele. Dad will follow when his assignment is completed in NH.

Its going to be tough for the girls in our family to give up this bird. We have several parkeets, but the cockatiel is much more affectionate than the smaller birds. He snuggles up to them, and wants them to pet him on the back of his neck, and preen his feathers. He also likes to give them kisses. Sometimes if the girls are eating, the bird will reach over and take a bite of their food as it is en route to their mouths. And sometimes, the bird will try to share its food with them (which the girls graciously decline).

Its going to be tough for the the girls in a few weeks, when Dallin returns to reclaim his bird. Mama was heard uttering the other day, "I sure hope they forget about that bird -- so we can keep him!"

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