Monday, August 22, 2005

We're A Whole Family of Bloggers!

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Well, last Thursday Dawn Ann finally broke down, and asked me to help her start her own blog! Good for her! I helped her get it set up, and she has already written 4 posts. She has named her blog: "In The Hot Seat". Go check it out! Now all four of us have our own personal blog. In addition, we have the Gospel Study Page, and the Family History Blog, for a total of 6 blogs between us.

Dawn Ann has already started networking with other LDS Homeschooling families, which is part of the reason she wanted to start the blog. See the Blogroll on her blog for more info.

Bryan has been making new posts to his blog as well. As part of our homeschool curriculum, Bryan is required to write a story, or journal entry each week, and post it on his blog. He has already made a couple of new posts. He has been able to dictate to the computer, using some voice recognition software called Dragon Speaking Naturally. This software transcribes his spoken word into virtually any windows based software. We are using MS Word for that purpose. Once the voice transcription takes place, he can then edit the text within MS Word. So keep checking Bryan's blog, because he should be making at least one entry, toward the end of each week.

I spoke in church today on prayer. I have posted my talk on the Gospel Study Page. Last time I spoke at a ward, I had a gentleman ask for a copy of my talk. I was able to direct him to the Gospel Study page. He even knew what a blog was!

I find that besides a repository of my church talks, that the links on the gospel study page are handy too. I have links to all of the lesson manuals for this year, as well as the on-line scriptures.

Perhaps the best resource of all are the links that go directly to the Church's web site. You can look up an Ensign article directly, if you know the month and year of the Ensign issue. Also, you can perform a search of the entire church magazine index (over 35 years worth of church magazines) based on key-word, or topical searches. I used this in preparing for my last talk. I found numerous articles (many of them General Conference Talks) on the topic of prayer. It has been really handy for me to use as a study aid. (Note: If you want to use the topical search, be sure to us Internet Explorer. I have found that it doesn't work properly with Firefox, or Netscape.)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know about the status of our family blogs, and to welcome Dawn Ann to the Blogosphere. Happy Blogging everyone!

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Code Red Mama said...

I think you are just bragging hahah.. Thanks for your support and help. More later when you get home....