Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moonset Over the Marsh

Moonset Timed Exposure 2:35
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Did I mention that we spent a little time at the Marsh the other day? Oh yeah, I did!

Well, after escaping our confinement at the Waterfoul Refuge, we noticed that the moon was just about to set. The atomosphere was somewhate hazy, which caused the moon to have a reddish-yellow glow. We also discovered a pond that the moonlight was being reflected in as well.

I did several timed exposures. This one was for 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Click here for larger image.

The first picture I took that night was of the Big Dipper. It also happened to catch the North Star as well.

The Big Dipper
Click here for larger image.

This one was exposed for 10 minutes. When you view the larger image, you can see the North Star, and how it appears to be stationary. The stars appear to streak accross the sky more and more as you get further out from the North Star. The streaking, of course, is from the earth's rotation.

Finally I pointed the camera up to the azimuth of the sky, zoomed it in as far as it would go, and set the camera for a 10 minute exposure. This is the result I got:

Star Streaks
Click here for larger image.

If I had to do it again, I would have gone for a wider angle, and opened the aperature up a little more so that it wouldn't be such a long exposure. If you are trying to capture the Milky Way, you don't want a lot of streaking going on. I was kind of hoping, also that a meteorite would pass through the photo during the 10 minutes, but no such luck. It must just be a matter of chance to capture a meteorite. You would have to have the camera lens already open and pointing in the general direction of where the meteorites are coming from. Here is a picture of what I was hoping to capture.

We didn't have much time, for more photos. I would need to do a few more experiments to see what works best for time exposures at night. We'll have to plan on some nighttime photography on an upcoming camping trip. Moab sounds good to me!

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